hearing wind.


The most southern town of Europe, open to both seas , and open to all civilizations since the dawn of time . He began to have authority from the construction of the Castle in the X century, when Rahman III. From that time retains its urban and layout of narrow , winding streets .
The township has almost 38 kms of beaches, most of them thin and shallow sands, among which that of the Lances , declared Natural Park and forming a complex of beaches, dunes , pine forests and marshes.
A portion of the interior of your term is included in the Natural Park of the Acorns .
In the municipality is also the Ensenada de Bolonia , of great beauty and where the ruins of Baelo Claudia .
It is the southernmost city in Europe. Founded by the Romans in the first century
Found in the municipality important archaeological sites such as the Necropolis of the Algarves , the most important monument of the Bronze province .
The Phoenicians , Greeks and Carthaginians settled on the Isla de las Palomas . But when the Romans will start acquire their true importance settlements Julia Traducta - current - rate , and Baelo Claudia Mellaria on beaches Bologna .
Named after Ibn Tarif Malluk , Berber chief Tarik accompanying ben Zeyad , Arab leader who defeated Don Rodrigo at the Battle of La Janda ( 711). The centuries of Muslim domination will leave their mark on the city .
The square was taken to the Muslims in 1292 by Sancho IV of Castile, called the Bravo. Sancho took command of the square to Alonso Perez de Guzman, Mr. Niebla and Nebrija . In 1294 , the Infante Don Juan , brother of King Sancho , King Mohammed II of Granada to be offered , betraying the Castilian crown , retrieve rate . Being impractical assault the castle , the infant resorted to the ruse of threatening Guzmán , if not surrendered the square, killing his son, who had previously kidnapped , becoming famous Guzman 's response to this threat : "If you have no dagger to kill him, he runs the mine. " In defense of the city, Alonso Pérez de Guzmán would receive the title of " the Good."
After the Christian conquest, would long border area , first with the kingdom of Granada and then , after the fall of the Moorish kingdom, as a stronghold to defend the coast against the Barbary pirates and , in the eighteenth century as an enclave military against the British possession of Gibraltar.


Bridging continents fruitful meeting of two marine mass as diverse as the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean , the coastline of the Strait, its terrain , flora and fauna, the history of its people , can not be understood without the quiet and whimsical work of sculptor their eternal winds.
Located at the southern end of the province of Cádiz , spans a coastline of over sixty miles long and one nautical mile offshore . The natural wealth lies in its many unique formations , such as beaches , cliffs and sea caves . The former emphasizes the Los Lances , declared a natural place for the values ​​of its landscape and wildlife treasures. Also in Punta Camarinal isthmus is natural monument Dune Bologna , active dune over thirty feet high.

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Its status as a meeting place and transit tourism promotes fruitful of good example is the sighting of wildlife, both birds regularly cross from one continent to another , as those cetaceans move from the Atlantic to the Mediterranean and vice versa. So is diving into one of the best of Andalusia seabed , meeting three biogeographic provinces, or the development of sports such as surfing, windsurfing and kite surfing , not in vain rate is known as the capital of the wind.
Down to earth, the wide range of trails and lookouts provide insight into the rich heritage of beacon towers dotted coast - Valdevaqueros , La Peña or Guadalmesí - like headlights and Cabo de Gracia in Camarinal Guadalmesí , Isla de Tarifa Punta Carnero or protagonists of naval battles and tales of legendary pirates . The special conditions for climbing the neighboring Sierra de San Bartolomé or the rich archaeological heritage of Baelo Claudia , Bologna , are just a sample of the various tourist attractions and entertainment in this protected area

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