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La Alpujarra us peeks stunning scenery , among almond trees, vineyards and terraces .
Due to its geography , especially mountainous peoples have adapted to the slopes, why their houses are staggered and facing south to take advantage of the great Mediterranean climate. The streets , cobbled and winding path , perfect for strolling , breathe peace and tranquility . It really seems that time has stopped in the Alpujarra
Among the municipalities of this region is Lanjaron , known as the Puerta de la Alpujarra , ideal for relaxing on its mineral waters. Also Orgiva, marking Moorish flavor .
El Balcon de la Alpujarra, formed by the white villages of Canar, Soportújar and Carataunas and Poqueira Ravine , with the towns of Pampaneira , Bubión and Capileira are must in this region.


Sierra Nevada, Sulayr , the mountain of the sun as it was called by Muslims rises , straddling the provinces of Granada and Almeria , as a giant , compact mass that holds up to fifteen peaks above 3,000 meters , including Mulhacen -3482 meters , the highest point of the Iberian Peninsula.
When the saw is sighted from the north, from the basin of Granada , gives a relief of ridged peaks that shelter within footsteps of the Quaternary glacial erosion , the southernmost of Europe, leading to a single relief valleys " U" , cirques , lakes , lateral moraines and ridges , like the Laguna Caldera . In the so-called lower bounds , I jig presents steeper forms, pits and cliffs as the needle or the crests of Trevenque Dornajo and spectacular narrows as cahorros Monachil. In the southeast area , where rainfall is heavy and the beds of seasonal rivers , relief predominates is characterized by gullies and ravines .

Gastronomy in the Alpujarra known for its steaks and sausages , especially ham Trévelez , highest municipality in Spain , but also for its Moorish pastry tradition

What to do

Sierra Nevada has behind him a wide experience in tourism. Thus, the traditional activities related to snow , hunting or fishing, a great deal of hiking, mountaineering and mountain biking whose exponents Sulayr the path ( sections 19 and 300 miles on foot ) and are today connects Transnevada (8 stages and 450 km mountain bike ) . Also offers a Cafe countryside Interpretation of High Peaks, minibus .
But Sierra Nevada is a highly humanized landscape where daily activity has a major role : terraced white villages , small and labyrinthine , and crossed by water channels that are an extension of the mountain without transit and crops , houses built on blackboard terraos with flat roof , and austere launa chimneys of dwellings that blend public roadway under cover tinaos chestnut , shelter the artisan tradition rooted .
The saw today offers a wide range under the umbrella of ecotourism, relaxation activities and personal growth, the most careful winemaking or simply a stroll along a cultural landscape frozen in time under the clear sky of the Peninsula. We must not forget that here one of the most famous resorts in the country, Lanjaron , and other lesser-known mineral waters but is also caring as Fuente Agria, in Pórtugos .

Travels to discover the beauty that the Alpujarra.

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