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Motril, set on a hill at the foot of the Lújar , is considered the capital of the Costa Tropical. It enjoys a mild , suitable for growing species , such as sugar cane and tropical fruit give these lands a characteristic and distinct note subtropical climate.
Their settlement is ancient , but could not determine if it's the legendary Murgis .
In the Arab Andalusian period, it was important fortress in the defense of the coast of Granada .
Conquered by the Catholic Monarchs in 1489, was almost deserted after the expulsion of the Moors in 1507, and repopulate again Christians from the kingdom of Castile , was again attacked and destroyed during the War of the Alpujarras ( 1569).
In the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries , were frequent attacks by Barbary pirates who raided the coastal towns , but the privileged position of Motril , 2 kilometers from the coast, would safeguard the population, who since then starts a process of constant growth and development , becoming the first core communication from the area around the coast with Granada and , in turn , from the port , a major knot in cabotage .
He received the title of city during the reign of Philip IV.
In February 1937 , the municipality was flooded to cut communications between Malaga and the rest of Republican Spain , which allowed the Italians from Motril will advance detachments took Granada without undue difficulty .
It was the summer residence of King Baudouin of Belgium , who died here in 1939.
Also participates in the southern Mediterranean essences : a calm sea and a blue sky and bright , and warm and gentle breezes are felt beaches sounding name , La Joya, Poniente or Carchuna, like a caress.
One of the biggest attractions of the city is its port, which plays an important fishing , commercial and recreational activity. Fishing harbor and nice beaches also have two locations that are located in the municipality : Torrenueva and Calahonda.


Concerted Nature Reserve Suárez Pond in Motril, in the heart of Playa de Poniente , an enclave of just over thirteen acres located in the valley of the river Guadalfeo is the most important wetland in the coast of Granada . Groundwater that comprise it come to the surface at various points , creating perennial ponds that complement the supply of irrigation water through various canals. It is one of the best birding spots in all of Europe , a place where you can see , in just one afternoon, more than a dozen different species of wild waterfowl aces .
The so benign weather that has this natural reserve , because it has an average annual temperature of over 17 º C , combined with the wide availability of water from the river Guadalfeo and melting Sierra Nevada, favor the existence of a large number of animals and plants.
In areas of shallow water and inhabits burreed lily while , as we move away , rushes , meadows of grasses and legumes with some spots of traditional crops such as sugarcane are installed.
Pond Suarez is a privileged place for wintering , nesting and migrating waterfowl, as well as for breeding amphibians , Chameleon case . Among wintering birds include squacco , flamenco and spatula. The latter , although it is common in Andalusia, is rare in the province of Granada . Throughout the year visitors can also see coots, grebes and white wagtail .

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Ron Montero is a flagship company of the province of Granada , founded over 45 years ago by Don Francisco Martín Montero . Despite the cessation of cultivation of sugarcane in the area, after more than 1,000 years, Ron Montero continues to develop its products of high quality and recognized in the same way it always has .
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