Elegant Sigh.

Located on the southern slopes of the Serrania de Ronda, is the most mountainous municipality in the western Costa del Sol. Their lands were walking the Guadalmina, Guadalmanza Guadaiza and rivers. Within its boundaries are places of natural interest such as the Cerro del Duque, Daidín, the Machines, the pools of Mozas Reservoir and Milk.
To the south are already luxury estates, golf courses and other tourist items, the result of development of the area.
The village retains some features of its Arab-style white villages, which contrasts with the color of the surrounding mountains. As monuments of interest we note Montemayor Castle and an ancient palace of the sixteenth century.
His name seems to derive from the Berber tribe of Banu Habis , who took possession of these lands.
Montemayor Castle , near the village, built in the period of Muslim rule , was an important military enclave because undoubted strategic value , since from the place where the fort was located , of which today only vestiges remain, contemplated over a hundred miles of coastline and the relief of the African coast can be seen.
In the eleventh century, the fortress and the territory of their domains were involved in fights held between the ruling dynasty of Málaga, the Edrisitas , and Hammudies , lords of Algeciras.
In 1273, the king of Granada Mohamed , seeing endangered his throne , sought help from the Benimerines , which , in its progress peninsular occupied Marbella in 1273 , the Castillo de Montemayor and Malaga.
It was conquered by the Catholic Monarchs in 1485, after the fall of Marbella , this being delivered in 1492 , with Benahavis, Don Juan de Silva , count of Cifuentes, for the help he gave them in making Granada .
King Philip II , granted in 1572 , the settlement charter of the municipality of Benahavis , thus proclaiming its independence from Marbella.