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The municipality of Jerez de la Frontera is the largest province and occupies a central strip running from the mountains , through the countryside , up near the coast. Part of the mountain is included in the Natural Park of the Acorns .
The countryside , crossed by the river Guadalete is of great agricultural wealth , both in the plain and in the upland areas and also offers natural attractions such as Lagunas de las Canteras and Badger.
The city , one of the most representative of Andalusia, offers a host of attractions , from places like the Palace , the Church of Santiago , San Miguel , Cathedral, Cartuja ... until other unique institutions in the world as the Royal School of Equestrian Art, where you can admire the wonderful and unique Carthusian horses , race Hispanic Arabic , or the cellars where the famous wines of the appellation of origin are produced .
Also, you can not talk without thinking Jerez Race Track , where international competitions are held motorcycling and motorsports .

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The Acorns rise as a coastal stronghold against sea winds , both Poniente and Levante , who wrap their moisture-laden forests under a mist that appears overburden stop time.
On the western front of the Betic mountains , straddling the provinces of Cadiz and Malaga , this natural area is a series of rugged mountains and different height. A will of the erosive action of wind , sandstone offers on high stores with whimsical shapes and ferocious giant slabs cut . Where limestone is present , as in The Motillas , causes one of the most interesting karst landforms of Andalusia , fluent in caves and cellars.
The abundant rainfall conditions the existence of a substantial network of rivers and streams , which discharge both the Mediterranean and the Atlantic causing a large extent , the size of some of the most extraordinary landscapes of the Iberian Peninsula, called internodes , narrow ravines and deep that occur in the upper courses of the rivers are home to a unique plant that set .

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The disparity of the relief plays a major role in the construction of the wide range of activities of this natural area : Picacho mountaineering - and - cistern , canyoning - guns - Throat , caving - Ramblazo Motilla - or - walk its trails either on foot or by bicycle or on horseback ( routes Almoraima ) , many of them on old paths and paved roads are just a sample. The Barbate reservoir waters to navigate and , moreover , observation or wintering birds during migrations . The same seasonal mushroom picking is a practice that takes place in autumn and having in Jimena de la Frontera your letter.
The cultural offer is on a par to the sport and therefore natural enclaves like Castillo de Castellar , shelter artisans and bohemians, or Jimena , the mediaeval town of Medina Sidonia, the white villages of the region, rock art Benalup , Los Barrios and Jimena de la Frontera , and the Royal Ordnance Factory latter locality are excellent examples of the monumental heritage splashing these mountains .
All natural space is a compendium of ethnography, as evidenced by canals and mills escorting the rivers in his career , as Castro and El Olivar de Arriba , stony paths as the Dehesa Boyal Hozgarganta or Castellar , walking hand in hand sources , such as Old Castellar , medieval bridges making bread ovens and baking, as the Puerto Oscuro . This was also endorsed La Sauceda , haunt of bandits and cutlasses , clubs and Moors, witnessed the work of charcoal now sleeping between enchanted landscapes .

Its old town was declared a Historic- Artistic Monument in 1982.
Among the many interesting buildings is the Alcazar (XI ), the Cathedral (XVIII ) , the Church of San Miguel ( s. XVI) , the Cartuja ( s. XV) , the Church of Santiago , that of Dionisio (XIII ) , the Palace of Ponce de Leon, of Domecq , Davila , the former council, etc. .
They also have renowned Archaeological Museum, the Centro Andaluz de Flamenco , the Clock Museum , the Royal School of Equestrian Art , the Permanent High Speed ​​Circuit , the Zoo, and above all , numerous wineries .

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