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Nestled in the eastern part of the Granada Alpujarra Alta , gateway to the Alpujarra , in the valley of river Nechite , and described the Swiss writer Spanhi " Ugíjar provide an unspeakable memories she loves and understands the language of stones , house full of history and the people carrying the soul nostalgia of a past almost fable . "
Cherín , which in the Middle Ages had a fortress called " The Castillejo " and Jorairátar , ancient Moorish farmstead : two locations of interest to the traveler is also located in the municipality of Ugíjar .

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The road from Almeria to Granada by the Alpujarras is one of the most varied and surprising routes in Europe. Moving from the arid coast of the Mediterranean Sea to the fertile Genil river , crosses deserts, oases and the highest mountain range in the Iberian peninsula.
A culture that knew integrate into their natural environment in an amazing way is discovered , you can admire its unique architecture , agriculture , capable of transforming the steep slopes in orchards , its rich cuisine .
The dramatic events that ended a civilization whose legacy is one of the main assets of the Andalusian people know .

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The Path of the Alpujarra - GR 142 impresses with its contrasts . Its route passes through the provinces of Granada and Almeria , crossing the Sierra Nevada South face , covering numerous Alpujarra villages popular with admirable architecture and gardens that retain their traditional farming, discover the friendliness and authenticity of its people, its history, culture , traditions , handicrafts and tasty cuisine .
Begins ( or ends , depending on the direction of travel ) in Lanjaron and Orgiva continues . Thence ascending by Guadalfeo river crossing will their Carihuelas - winding stone paths and linking - pretty villages such as the Tahá , Busquístar , Notáez , Cástaras , Nieles and Lobras . Go through numerous sources (some medicinal ) and water mills (the Cádiar still working) .
From Cádiar , following in this direction , jump to another aspect, the Adra river which flows directly over the Mediterranean Sea that Guadalfeo . Among overgrown wadi runs through unusual populations Jorairátar , Darrícal , Lucainena and Alcolea .
Enter Andarax Valley , between sources and vineyards by Láujar Andarax and peoples Benecid Almócita and Padules . And from Canjayar for a nice climb vines , reaching and crossing the Sierra Ohanes towards NW, was Finana Abrucena to finish .

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