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Beautiful villa, birthplace of the poet Jorge Manrique , located in the heart of the Sierra de Segura, on Mount Orospeda ( according to the Greeks ) and crowned by a castle from which features panoramic views of the whole area are sighted .
The village, compact and harmonious , with narrow streets and historic places , extends beneath the castle , surrounded on some sides by paintings of the old wall. It has been declared a Historic-Artistic Beauty Spot deservedly , for his wonderful environment as a whole must be added numerous monuments and architectural details such as the Town Hall, the Imperial Power Carlos III , Arab Baths, the Parish of Our Lady of the Hill , House of Jorge Manrique , the House of Bushel , Arch Cavalcavia , Door Catena and Fuenta Mora.
His term is included in the Natural Park of Sierras de Cazorla , Segura and Las Villas , the largest protected area in Spain : orographic maze of valleys , limestone quarries , pits, mountains and plateaus of great hydrological importance (for the large number of rivers and streams that it manan ) botany ( Corsican pine , Aleppo pine , black pine and many endemic species) , fauna and landscape - hunting . From all this it follows that one of the most visited and frequented the country natural areas .


The maritime province that was inside, mother of two of the most significant rivers in southern peninsular , medieval stronghold of the miter of Toledo and santiaguistas gentlemen, Cazorla , Segura and Las Villas is home to one of the most spectacular natural spaces Europe .
Planted in the northeastern corner of the province of Jaén , as a gigantic and unassailable colossus looms as an endless succession of steep hills and limestone massifs broken character by water pouring campaign . The vastness of its territory encourages a diversity of landforms that show its karst origin. So , break the skyline peaks exceeding two thousand meters alternating with lanchares , torques , as Campos de Hernán Perea, crests , spectacular folds , potholes like the Pinar Black , with over 150 feet deep, and dragon crests towering over a semi-desert landscape of ravines and gullies that blows like a wedge from the Altiplano de Granada - Picos del Guadiana .
The Guadalquivir runs through a wide and deep valley , while its tributaries will carve canyons laterally striking vertical walls or closed , like Elijah during the Borosa, and spectacular waterfalls - Linarejos . Water is also starring in caves , such as the Water Tíscar and upwelling case Segura birth or Sewage Lagoon .

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This town was declared a historical and artistic interest in 1972 due to its Arab fortress , and the Baths , the Source - Pilar , City Hall and numerous churches of different styles.
Segura de la Sierra encloses many streets corners to keep the same face of the past. In the Middle Ages the Christian organic urbanism finished merging with the Muslim , as evidenced for example the structure of the Knights Santiaguista street , winding , narrow, steep , surprise , with whitewashed houses vernacular low height, with small , unequal and asymmetric hollow , pitched roofs with Arabic tiles .

Small hamlet belonging to Segura de la Sierra , located northeast of the province , in the Sierra de Segura, and located on land near the reservoir of Beas stride of the Guadalquivir valley and in its infancy.
It is included in the Natural Park of Sierras de Cazorla , Segura and Las Villas.

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