People belonging to the region of Tierra Llana , located near the coast. In his term is part of the Natural Park of the Marshes of Rio Piedras and Flecha del Rompido. It also has at its terminus with the splendid beach of the Antilla , one of the most beautiful in the province.
Known " world " for the character and idiosyncrasies of the people that have become his trademark humor identity . It's known , however , to build a parallel fame and buoyant economic situation by something tangible like growing strawberries , the main producer and exporter of this exquisite fruit from around the country.
It has monuments like the Parish of Santo Domingo and the Chapel of San Cristobal. A few kilometers away is the Puerto del Terron , one of the most important fishing area in the province .

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The marshes of the Rio Piedras and Flecha del Rompido Natural Area spans the mouth of the Piedras River, where the contributions of materials from the stream channel , along with the influence of tides, have given rise to a unique landscape composed of a system of marsh and a private sandy formation , about ten kilometers along the coast and called arrow coast.
This sandy arrow is unique for its size in all the Andalusian coast , it has a length of over 12 kilometers , the average growth rate over the last century has been greater than 30 meters per year. The arrow can be seen 15 miles of white sand and the deep blue sea , pristine beaches (one of the best preserved in Europe ) , marismeños landscapes, estuaries, dunes .
In the marsh vegetation exists adapted to saline media such as sea prairie cordgrass , almajos , sea purslane , limoniastrun , Heath limoniun and sea. In the dunes of sand bar vegetation is typical of unconsolidated sandy soil , having the presence of sea rocket , daffodil , thistle and sea lily sea.
This is a very good area for wintering and passage spatula common and important area for breeding , wintering and passage waders and many other wetland species . Among sedentary can see the white stork and Montagu's harrier , and between migratory breeding in this space are the marsh harrier and the cattle egret . You can also observe wading birds such as oystercatcher unmistakable with its black and white plumage contrasting with pink legs , and striking teals , having in this area their winter quarters . It is also possible to see the heavy flight of cormorants and various species of gulls .
Besides serving coastal protection against the ravages of the Atlantic Ocean , vegetation blanket interesting species like the chameleon .
Moving along the path that goes into the Flecha del Rompido checks the vital importance of this belt formed dunes on coastal sediments. Besides the natural beauty , visitors will be captivated by the high landscape value of this area . The horizontality presenting , along with the predominance of soft hues of colors , make it a place of unparalleled beauty.
Straddling the towns of Lepe and Cartaya , these cities have a rich architectural heritage to which the benefits of the beaches of El Rompido, where visitors can enjoy a wide variety of water sports , river tours , fishing add courses diving and windsurfing . Other points of interest are La Head Beach , El Puerto del Terron Beach or New Umbria.

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Another basic itinerary takes to land the old Fog County , after visiting the Monastery Loreto in Espartinas , the very interesting Mudejar churches of Sanlúcar la Mayor ( St. Peter, St. Eustatius and St. Mary's) or parishes Huévar and Aznalcázar .
Already in the province of Huelva, Paterna del Campo Hinojos and show their Moorish Parishes. Villalba , the Church of San Bartolomé ( Almohad and Moorish ) . La Palma , the main chapel of the Church of Our Lady of the Valley . Fog, the Church of Santa Maria Granada , mixture mosque, temple Moorish and Gothic church . Asparagus, the Church of San Antón Templar , built on an Almohad fortress. Lucena del Puerto , the former Convento de la Luz , today a ranch ( Gothic church ) . Moguer, the Monastery of Santa Clara . Palos , the Church of St. George and the Monastery of La Rabida. Huelva , the Church of San Pedro and the Shrine of the tape . Lepe , the Church of Santo Domingo and Ayamonte the Ermita de San Sebastián and the Church

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