Municipality comprising a coastal strip to the west of the province, including, among others , the nuclei of Aguadulce , El Parador , Las Marinas, Construction and Las Salinas. A portion of your term belongs a space of great ecological interest , the Natural Reserve of Punta Entinas - Sabine, complex dunes, beaches and lagoons of great ecological interest.
Many of its land is devoted to intensive greenhouse agriculture , but its most important activity is tourism of sun and beach, having become the main tourist area of the province, with first class facilities as Aguadulce , the urbanization or Roquetas same , thanks to neat and clean beaches, and adequate facilities and services .

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Between the coastal towns of Aguadulce and Roquetas de Mar is the Natural Monument of Posidonia Barrier Reef , one of the few reefs Posidonia still preserved in the Mediterranean , unique coastline along the Andalusian coast .
This is a unique jewel of this coastline, which remains a stronghold of the ancient reefs that once abounded in these shores. This species is very choosy about environmental conditions, requires clean water and oxygen in which no sudden changes in temperature and salinity occur and, of course , they are not contaminated .
This marine plant called sea grasses , has very unique qualities . It presents a long and greenish ribbon -shaped leaves that can reach one meter in length. It remains attached to the floor by a dense network of small stems and roots with which colonizes the funds . His vast coastal prairies contribute to fixing the sediment and sand from the coast , forming a barrier that effectively prevents the loss of area beaches.
The reef provides shelter to more than 800 animal and plant species and is a breeding and spawning grounds for numerous species of fish. Bream, sea bass , grouper, mullet , bream , sea bass , shrimp , crabs and sponges can be observed by diving on pristine beaches that offer spectacular underwater scenery .
The reef is located beachfront in the Palmerillas , where the ruins of the ancient Roman city of Turiniana (first century) . Enclave near other spaces are of great interest , as the Cabo de Gata- Nijar Natural Park which has an outstanding natural and cultural heritage , Punta Entinas - Sabine, the Albufera of Adra or the Aquarium of Roquetas de Mar.

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El Castillo de Santa Ana is a fortification of the seventeenth century, which for years served as a refuge for the few people that had the town at that time and who resided mostly in the port area .
An incident destroyed most of the building, leaving only one of the towers , which has been preserved and integrated into the project of recovery of this historic facility .
Currently , the Castillo de Santa Ana offers numerous showrooms happening in painting and photography exhibitions also held lectures and talks . We also noticed the courtyard , of great beauty, in which concerts and performances are usually held during the summer months .

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