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Poqueira The Canyon is one of the most visited natural areas in the province of Granada . This stunning landscape of the southern slope of the Sierra Nevada , part of the Natural Park, descends fragosa Veleta decline from peak fits their mountainsides three villages of singular beauty Capileira , Bubión and Pampaneira .
Capileira name of Latin origin ( " capitellum " summits ), considered historic and artistic , enjoys the essential characteristic that defines the image of the Alpujarra villages : a peculiar architecture in the buildings , perfectly adapted to the broken terrain and climate of the area , which are arranged in narrow streets lasting memory of its Moorish past .
At the heart of the Alpujarra , unique in the Solar peninsular region , natural step between the Mediterranean coast and Sierra Nevada, where the highest peaks of the Spanish territory stand , Capileira is a must in the Alpujarra route instead .

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Sierra Nevada, Sulayr , the mountain of the sun as it was called by Muslims rises , straddling the provinces of Granada and Almeria , as a giant , compact mass that holds up to fifteen peaks above 3,000 meters , including Mulhacen -3482 meters , the highest point of the Iberian Peninsula.
When the saw is sighted from the north, from the basin of Granada , gives a relief of ridged peaks that shelter within footsteps of the Quaternary glacial erosion , the southernmost of Europe, leading to a single relief valleys " U" , cirques , lakes , lateral moraines and ridges , like the Laguna Caldera . In the so-called lower bounds , I jig presents steeper forms, pits and cliffs as the needle or the crests of Trevenque Dornajo and spectacular narrows as cahorros Monachil. In the southeast area , where rainfall is heavy and the beds of seasonal rivers , relief predominates is characterized by gullies and ravines .

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The Museum of Arts and Popular Customs Capileira is installed in an old house owned by the City of Capileira, sign Alpujarreña interesting architecture.
Spread over two floors , which in turn are divided into two ships each. Inside a sample of goods and tools used throughout time in this region are discussed . He was born in September 1972. Most of the parts that are exposed have been donated by neighbors Capileira.

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