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Granada is music and poetry, pure monumental art, ancient culture. Province is reaching the sky from the rugged peaks of the Sierra Nevada ; cities impressive architecture that encalman in the Altiplano , white villages scattered valleys and slopes that die in the cliffs and beaches of the Costa Tropical. The province of Granada , privileged destination , allows travelers to enjoy skiing in Sierra Nevada, venture into the hidden Alpujarra villages , explore the last frontier of Al- Andalus in the Western Granada or stay in troglodyte caves that recall life.
A land of hot summers and mild and conducive to the enjoyment of winter snow sports .
The entire province has incentives to the monumental and cultural tourism. In the town of Santa Fe, the discovery of America was conceived by Christopher Columbus, and Fuentevaqueros saw the birth of Federico García Lorca, one of the poets and playwrights who have lighting millin Spanish letters .
In Granada highlands were the remains of a hominid dated to between one and two million years. The bastetanos , Iberian town , bequeathed to posterity a relic of great historical and cultural value : the Dama de Baza .
Towards the v century coins minted by túrdolos account for the origin of the capital of this beautiful province . In the eighth century , the Berbers conquered these lands know its apogee with the Nasrid conducive economic , social, artistic and cultural development , whose influence extends to the present day .
The province of Granada , is characterized by a spiral plateaus descending from the high peaks to the Mediterranean Sea. These plateaus and altitude of the land make its climate is very cold winters. This intensely influences on vegetation , agriculture , livestock and hunting.
In the province of Granada can distinguish three distinct zones : the coast, the plains of Granada and the mountains area . Each has particular climatic, topographical , historical, and situational characteristics that distinguish it from the others.
Arabic influence, from excellent raw materials . It offers traditional dishes such as broad beans with ham, thistles, the soaking and gazpacho. All accompanied by the hearty bread Alfacar .
Seven products are recognized with Denomination of Origin and Quality : olive oil Montes and Poniente , green asparagus Huetos Tájar , honey, ham and cherimoya Trévelez the Costa Tropical.
In Riofrio , the only quality of beluga caviar Spain and Costa Tropical guarantees good seafood is made.
From the coast , the Sierras de Tejeda, Alhama Almijara and break the horizon with a spectacular succession of peaks exceeding 1,500 meters to descend rapidly to disappear under the waters of the Mediterranean.


At his feet amazing ravines , rugged rocks, steep slopes and sharp ridges occur , it is not easy to overcome this natural barrier , despite the efforts of the men was plotting roads , ports beating Frigiliana , Competa or Sedella traditionally wore fishing to the fish market in Granada .
The water slowly and relentlessly , at will, created in a maze of limestone fissures, cracks and cavities that have carved Polje , Zafarraya like a depression surrounded by spectacular mountains, caves and potholes , among which stands out the very famous Nerja Cave or Fájara , and very spectacular " cahorros " or Canjorros like Chillar river , a very narrow canyon carved on the rock.

What to do

Best canyoning enthusiasts are one of the most outstanding for its practice in Las Frills between Sedella and Canillas de Aceituno, or a ride up the river Chillar cub places. While spelunking in the cave has arguments of Fájara or , more calmly , in historical Nerja , offers mountaineering crown some of the highest levels of the province, as La Marona . In this line , other sports offer is destable nautical ( swamps Bermejales and La Viñuela ) , Underwater ( Maro seabed ) and freestyle ( season saw Cazulas and free flying Torrox- Calaceit ) .
Those wishing to approach the territory 's pause, here are ideal for bird watching ( the Pantaneto of Alhama , where several observatories -o Reservoir Bermejales own ) , enter the world of mushrooms ( Fornes , Jayena and Játar ) places or fish for trout in the river Cacín , one of the nine best trout stretches of Spain . Finally, the place invites to know calmly villages, some of monumentality as Alhama certainly noticeable , other Andalusian charm of unparalleled as Frigiliana , Competa or salt flats , his ethnographic heritage ( linked to the currant wine , cane sugar , ...) , its tropical products , ..., or simply relax in its charming beaches or relaxing spa Alhama.
The Alhambra was a palace, citadel and fortress , residence of the Nasrid sultans and senior officials , servants of the court and elite soldiers ( thirteenth and fourteenth centuries ) . Now a monument in four main areas : the Palaces , the military zone or Alcazaba , the city or Medina and the agricultural estate of the Generalife , all in a setting of woods, gardens and orchards.
Integra also prominent buildings from different eras , such as the Renaissance Palace of Charles V , which houses the Museum of the Alhambra, with objects mainly from the monument itself and the Museum of Fine Arts .
To appreciate the architectural and landscape values ​​of the Alhambra is advisable to approach the Albaicin ( Mirador de San Nicolás ) or Sacromonte. Since they can be seen the spectacular Alhambra relationship with the land and the city of Granada .

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The Albaicin is a sign of Grenadine case identity. The neighborhood is laying on a lofty hill opposite the Alhambra Red Hill . Its streets are winding , narrow and elusive , his bright , collected and intimate places , palaces, mansions and churches are full of history and art.

In the Albaicin cármenes abound , which are houses with gardens , typically Moorish Granada and towers. The viewpoints of San Nicolas and San Cristóbal offer magnificent views of Granada and the Alhambra. Remains of mosques, minarets , cisterns Spanish-Muslim and especially a very Andalusian taste and flavor to everyday , busy life and still remain cheerful .
And the spaces Porras, the Christ of the Lilies and San Miguel Bajo take visitors through the nostalgia of an era as far away in time.

Travels to discover one of the most artistic cities in Europe and the most elegant Andalusia.

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