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Cadiz , the sea , its people, its bay, its history and its will to live.
The province of Cadiz is very diverse, with regions that are worth visiting , from the countryside of Jerez de la Frontera to their villages of Gibraltar or a tour of the white villages and rest somewhere on the coast between Tarifa to Sanlúcar de Barrameda.
Not forgetting its capital in its walls keeping the culture and traditions that make it different, as its people .
Phoenicians , Greeks and Romans inhabited this province, bequeathing significant evidence of its presence throughout the Cadiz coast .
Moreover, a number of historical landmarks allow us to observe the close relationship between Cadiz and the rest of the peninsula in 711 the Visigoths defeat the Guadalete River allowed the Muslims to conquer this land , changing the course of history ; three times, in his travels to the New World , Columbus's ships left here and arrived at its ports , making over time in meeting places of cultural currents between Andalucía and America , and finally, note that in 1812 first drawn up in Cadiz Spanish Constitution , the city became the capital of the nation for three years.
In its 260 kilometers of Atlantic coastline highlight its long sandy beaches, many still undeveloped and extremely exploited for tourism . The whole coast is part of the Costa de la Luz .
We can find from urban excellent beaches such as La Victoria in Cadiz capital or La Barrosa in Chiclana, to pristine beaches such as Levante at El Puerto , Los Canos de Meca and Zahora in the town of Barbate , Bolonia in Tarifa and The Palmar Vejar .
Inside stands the sherry bodegas or Route of the White Villages and Route del Toro.
Tasty Cádiz cuisine summarizes the most appetizing dishes of Andalusia . The products of the mountains and the sea, accompanied by their excellent wines, will make our trip a delightful experience . The wide range of fish and seafood have own name to the prawns from Sanlúcar , the " bienmesabe " to the Roteña Bream , the golden salt , clams with noodles, shrimp fritters , and a long list of dishes worth trying to list .
In the highlands, stews taste (deer, boar , rabbit , partridge, etc. ) , hot garlic , Grazalema soup , kidneys in sherry , the sausages of El Bosque , loin in lard , etc hunting .
The pastries, impregnated her Arab heritage , offers unique products like chiclaneras cakes , Christmas cakes and alfajores de Medina, the sky tocinillos Jerez, the Amarguillos of Grazalema , etc. . Each location will sweeten the palate in their routes Cadiz geography.


Doñana is a complex mosaic of landscapes spilling forming a flat horizon , clean, a haven for birds in the most important wetland in the entire European continent .

Straddling the provinces of Huelva, Seville, Cádiz , Doñana is now a maze of land and water that shapes marshes , ponds and streams , preserves and pine forests, and see streaks , dunes , beaches and spectacular cliffs. Bonanza , Galician , or Ribetehilos Lucio Crab are clear examples of complex lagoon overlooking this natural space to shelter thousands of birds .

Among the varied landscapes also form Doñana , highlight the moving dune system that runs between Matalascañas and the mouth of the Guadalquivir , over 25 miles of pristine white sand beach , the fossil dune Asperillo , over 30 meters high or, and on the beach , the cliff of the same name formed by orange- ocher sandstone due to the rich waters that flow iron oxide by dashes .

What to do

The sum environmental significance of this area determines the quality of the experience . The existing network of trails provides an excellent tool for the virtues of the protected area, either by walking or cycling. So , you can access excellent riparian forests along the path Acebrón , bird watching along the route of The Rocina , having observatories for this purpose , or make comfortable bicycle routes , such as walking Matalascañas or born in the town Cabezudos forest . Moreover, the proposal to observe birds , with or without a guide , it is more than outstanding .

Other more elaborate and controlled by the administration of the protected area , options are the possibility of off-road routes with guide interpreter , knowing both the natural heritage as traditional - bee uses, forestry uses , fishing, hunting or charcoal - that indicated some clubs and huts of charcoal and occasional splashing forest populated territory - lifes , the Bead or the Heads .
You can also navigate the vessel Real Fernando , who moves from the Sanlúcar Guadalquivir . Other than unique resources are the " take a mares " which is being developed annually in Almonte for more than five centuries ago , the mansion Acebrón , which covers the everyday experiences of the countryside , with particular attention to the pilgrimage of El Rocío, the most important of the Peninsula, or coastal watchtowers , such as Chickadees , Zalabar and Pico del Loro , all built in the sixteenth century as a defense of pirates and privateers.
In Bologna find wilderness beach and white sands , is considered as the paradise of Wind- Surf by strong winds prevailing . It can be practiced nudism in their areas.

Travels to discover this legendary and ancient Mediterranean civilization.

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